About Us

About Ioni:
At the age of 9, she was taught by her grandmothers to sew and crochet. Then her mother taught her how to knit with a pattern, after which she started making her own designs. Ioni has taught her son to sew, her daughter to knit, (who is now selling her own creations), and is now teaching her grandchild. Ioni teaches at Katherine and Count Basie Middle School, and A.C. Moore Craft Store in Queens. She will soon teach classes in Needlepoint and Embroidery.

About Burke:
Who is this Man…
This is Sherlock The Photo-Man. He specializes in taking pictures of Voluptuous Women, and Classic Boudoir pictures.
His company is Shades Of Photo

About Ta Ankh:
Since the age of 14, she worked with her parents in the family business doing a little bookkeeping, a little merchandising, and sales. Here she learned the finer points of jewelry and business, as well as how to deal with clients.
But she always yearned to have something of her own, a place to express her own creativity and style.
About five years ago, Ta Ankh’s prayers were answered in the person of her teacher Ioni who not only began to teach her crochet and knitting among other things, but who made it look fun and easy.
They began having lessons on Ioni’s front porch which eventually gave birth to Ioni’s Creations. Ta Ankh’s portion of the business is called Created by Ta Ankh.

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