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This is where we will talk about everything from what’s new at Ioni’s Creations to what’s happening in the world of crafting or in the world in general.

My Website Journey or OMG…

…we got a website!

Boy, y’all just don’t know!

This blog is gonna be a great place for you to get to know us.

The experts say that a crafter should never really talk about themselves. They should just be like an empty glass, or a mirror that reflects only the customer.

I guess I don’t go for that. The people I love to shop with the most, are the ones who build their own space and fill it with their own energy and joy. I love it, and want to take a little piece home with me. I once heard someone say that what we are really selling is energy. I agree with that.

That’s what I love to do, create things that are unique and special and maybe give a little peek into the process.

We love what we do and feel blessed to have a way to share it.

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