Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hello everybody, long time!

Ok, this is Ioni's Creations very first outdoor vending together, and it's a big one!

I attended the International African Arts Festival back in the day when it was still at Boy's and Girl's High School in Brooklyn, before it moved to Commodore Barry.  Sometimes I would go there and help out with the big spread they had every year at Ausar Auset Society. 

It's a grueling four days, and I must admit, I'm a little nervous.  I remember my legs aching if we were on the concrete.  I remember young twenty-somethings complaining after one day that they needed rest and massages, and these were vegetarians that were in shape!

Mama said not to think about that though, so I'm not.

I'm just thinking about how I started with just hats and now have grown to a full accessory line.  Altogether, I have more than 100 pieces by myself.  Add that to my partner Ioni's clothing line, and her son's leather line, and this is going to be an exciting array of products.

Summer was always a slow time for me.  Even the cotton hats I made in the past seemed to be too heavy.  But this year for the first time, I am proud to introduce the beginning of a line of straw hats unlike any you have ever seen, I promise you that.

Ioni and I were talking, and she has everything from clothing, to cell phone holders to these fabulous pens that make wonderful gifts.  Her son Sherlock has a selection of leather bags and accessories that are jut beautiful.

We all do special orders, so if you don't see what you like, just ask.  We can ship it to you.

And of course we have our website, as well as a host of other places on the internet that you can find us (just check the website).  Keep us in mind all year round for your clothing and accessory needs!

Pat (Ta Ankh)

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