Monday, April 21, 2014

Bijou Virtual Jewelry Expo...Online

Hello everybody,
     Ioni's Creations is excited to announce that we are participating in another online virtual expo, this time for jewelry.  We will be joining other jewelry artisans and showing off our creations across Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
If you're on facebook, like the Bijou Virtual Jewelry Expo page.

If you are on Twitter, follow Intense High.
And if you are on Pinterest, follow the Bijou Jewelry Virtual Expo board.
We are thrilled to be a participating in the upcoming 'Bijou VIRTUAL Jewelry Expo' from April 24-27, 2014. It's an incredible opportunity because it is VIRTUAL which means it will all take place online and it is FREE to 'virtually' attend! Myself and other artists will be sharing our products and services with you on the Expo's Facebook and Twitter pages as well as the Pinterest board. Plus we will be sharing more about ourselves and what we do.  There will also be great specials you won't want to miss! Check out for more information and to sign up to receive email reminders the week before the Expo opens
There's sure to be a lot of beautiful bargains to be had.  See you there!
And, enjoy this video!

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